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47590Re: Patch to fix read out of bound when resizing terminal

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  • Christ van Willegen
    Aug 31, 2007

      On 8/31/07, John Beckett <johnb.beckett@...> wrote:
      > The duplicate was the message to which I replied:
      > Message-ID: <d2e1eef20708301126l26106cb9p273cda4cb53ffeeb@...>
      > I received two copies, with identical headers. I picked on you because you
      > happened to have made a new post when the topic came up. I have noticed
      > duplicates from you (and some others) before. It's never really bothered me
      > enough to take notes.

      The OpenMoko list also suffers from duplicates from GMail's servers
      once in a while. It appears that this has to do with certain time-outs
      on GMail's servers being lower than usual, and sometimes mail gets
      sent twice because an ACK was not received 'in time'.

      Vague description, I know, but I haven't really seen the problem myself...

      Then again, maybe this one also gets dupped, you get another example :-)

      Christ van Willegen

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