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47584Re: Patch to fix read out of bound when resizing terminal

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  • Dominique Pelle
    Aug 30 10:41 PM
      On 8/31/07, John Beckett <johnb.beckett@...> wrote:

      > > Hi,
      > >
      > > Valgrind memory checker finds the following error in vim-7.1
      > > (patches 1-94).
      > Thanks for chasing down these bugs Dominique. Extremely valuable.
      > I'm wondering why I see two copies of your message. When you create a new
      > message like this, exactly what mail address do you send it to? I assume
      > there is no CC/BCC?
      > John


      Did it happen for just one of my email? or all of my emails?
      I sent emails to <vim_dev at googlegroups.com>, without
      BCC or CC, using gmail (web interface). If it happened for
      just one email, can you precise which one so I can double
      check my outbox. If gmail causes a problem, I can switch
      to another MUA when posting here. I did send one email to
      Bram by accident yesterday before finishing writing it (sorry
      about that Bram). Then finished the email and sent it to
      <vim_dev@...>. I don't see duplicates in
      the archive of vim_dev. Only Bram would have received
      one unfinished email sent by mistake.

      -- Dominique

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