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46718Re: wish: show search progress on slow searches

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  • A.J.Mechelynck
    May 3, 2007
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      Yakov Lerner wrote:
      > On 5/1/07, Yakov Lerner <iler.ml@...> wrote:
      >> How about using SIGALRM when search is progressing, every second ?
      >> SIGALRM handler would store time() into global var (and reload alarm(1)).
      >> The search would check the global var for changes, every line.
      >> It is cheap to check global integer (time_t) var, no ?
      > What do you think about SIGALRM, Bram ?
      > Yakov

      I don't know about Bram, but how portable is SIGALRM? Can you use it on
      non-Unix-like systems such as Windows?

      Wouldn't counting lines be both simpler and more portable? You could either
      display ...nnn lines scanned... every (e.g.) 100 lines or so, or else
      determine during startup how long it takes to get the time (maybe as an
      average of 5 tries if you want less stochastic variability) then check the
      time it every n lines, with n being a monotonous non-decreasing function of
      the time delay thus obtained.

      Lines of wildly varying length would make the display change at variable time
      intervals (in the second case, if the lines are long enough to require more
      than, say, one second between successive checks of the clock), but that
      shouldn't be a very serious problem.

      Best regards,
      Your lucky number has been disconnected.
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