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46506Re: VIM doesn't need new features?!?!

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  • Milan Vancura
    Apr 16, 2007
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      > > The preceding shows you have trouble reading -- that page has a
      > > link to a "voting page", which page lists certain core features
      > > that could be added to vim. If your investigation into plugins
      > > was as casual as your reading of the above link, then your efforts
      > > at finding and evaluating existing plugins in relation to your
      > > notion of a project are likely to have been botched!
      > "Vim has many, many features. We don't really need more"

      Peter, don't start flames, please. vim-dev list is a very valuable list exactly
      for the reason that people usualy don't try flaming here.

      It's easy to take one sentence without any context and become upset. Read more
      (as Suresh Govindachar already suggested) and your life will be nicer again.
      Please start with Suresh Govindachar's e-mail, the answer for you is already
      there. The sentence you started a flame with means that it seems we can add new
      features by some script languages (most usualy the internal vim script) and
      don't need to add every bell and whistle in the core vim code.

      And it's true for your problem too: core vim features are strong enough to
      allow "project handling" - but the exact implementation is up to your choice.
      There are several plugins ready at vim.org which you can use or modify.

      So again: please start reading at vim.org again with this information in mind.
      And stop the flame. If you have a concrete question, ask here or at vim-users.

      Thank you and have a nice day,

      Milan Vancura
      Milan Vancura, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe
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