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46478Re: Reannouncing vimplugin: A vim plugin for Eclipse

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  • Sergey Khorev
    Apr 2, 2007
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      Sebastian Menge wrote:
      > Am Sonntag, den 01.04.2007, 13:33 -0400 schrieb Silent1:
      >> Just a quick question about the overal goal of the project. Would vim
      >> just become an editor inside eclipse? Or would we be able to still use
      >> vim inside eclipse but still use code completion say from plugins like
      >> zends php project for eclipse or phpeclipse or any of the languagle
      >> specific plugins? Thanks
      >> --Brendon
      > [replying to vim-dev only]
      > [crossposting to vimplugin-devel]
      > The overall goal of the project is to tightly integrate vim into
      > eclipse. That means that the developer should choose what features of
      > what program to use.
      > On a higher level the idea is to treat vim as real editor component but
      > to let other things like compiling, cvs/svn, integration of
      > api-documentation, large scale refactorings, perhaps gui-building to the
      > IDE.
      > So the spirit is "Vim is not an IDE".
      > The eclipse core plugin architecture uses so called "extension points"
      > to define its interfaces. The idea of vimplugin is to map those
      > extension points to vim features where possible/adequate. That means
      > that if phpeclipse and the like work as intended with such interfaces,
      > the integration with vim could work out.
      > Problems will come when there are redundant features: Which one is the
      > better? (e.g. QuickFix, Buffers)
      > But that's still a long way to go.
      > At the moment we are struggling to build a text(terminal)-based vim with
      > netbeans support.

      >>From :help netbeans-configure
      >> Currently, only gvim is supported in this integration as NetBeans does not
      >> have means to supply a terminal emulator for the vim command. Furthermore,
      >> there is only GUI support for GTK, GNOME, and Motif.
      > Any idea why it is like that or how one could change it !?
      > Help or suggestions are appreciated.

      Vim is a single threaded application so using of windowing toolkit
      facilities is the only approach to receive asynchronous notifications.
      If you want Netbeans support for console you need to include polling
      into relevant pieces of code.

      Also I'm afraid it's impossible to create terminal emulation support for
      Windows console version, just because there are no magic sequences in
      windows console, you need to use respective WinAPI functions. So IMHO
      it's quite pointless to create console Vim with Netbeans support for

      Personally I tried to create an Eclipse plugin for Netbeans protocol
      using org.eclipse.ui.editors connection point. Currently, it's not ready
      for public and I'm not improving it atm.
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