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46242Re: Bug: ":confirm w" only works once

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 28, 2007
      Michael Schaap wrote:

      > When editing a read-only file, ":confirm w" only works the first time
      > you use it in a session. The second time you try to use it, you simply
      > get an error message, as if you didn't use ":confirm".
      > The same problem occurs when using ":set confirm".
      > To recreate:
      > $ echo Hello > hello.txt
      > $ chmod 400 hello.txt
      > $ vim -u NONE hello.txt
      > :set nocompatible " or you won't be able to overwrite at all
      > A, World<Esc>
      > :confirm w
      > 'readonly' option is set for "qq".
      > Do you wish to write anyway?
      > (Y)es, [N]o: y
      > A!<Esc>
      > :confirm w
      > E505: "qq" is read-only (add ! to override)
      > This is using 7.0.203, but it has been happening for quite a while. An
      > old 6.3 does the same thing.
      > – Michael

      What happens when 'readonly' is set is that the ":confirm" asks you if
      you want to override it. If you select "yes" then it will behave as if
      you did ":w!". If you do the same with 'readonly' off you don't get the
      prompt, but writing fails for ":w", only ":w!" works.

      Note that when 'readonly' is set then ":w" results in E45, while a
      read-only file gives E505. They are two different things, but both are
      overruled with ":w!". We don't have a separate "!" for each situation.

      Perhaps the E505 should also trigger ":confirm w" to ask for writing
      anyway. That's more difficult, but would be what you expect.

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