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46081Re: Vim 7 performance notes

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  • Alexei Alexandrov
    Feb 10, 2007
      Hi Bram Moolenaar, you wrote:

      > It sounds like keeping only 1024 bytes would already work for most
      > situations. That would be an acceptable amount to keep allocated at
      > all times. So why don't we use this as the initial size, and when it
      > grows larger we free it when finished. The growth size can be doubled
      > each time perhaps.

      I chose 8192/16384 pair because it's the closest to original 10000 bytes. 10000 itself would also be fine but I like round numbers...

      The patch with changes which, I think, close to what you describe above is attached. Could you please take a look at it?

      > Right, this may happen and stack size wil greatly depend on the line
      > length.
      > That's very useful, thanks for diving into this.

      My pleasure.

      Alexei Alexandrov
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