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46080Re: Vim 7 performance notes

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 10, 2007
      Alexei Alexandrov wrote:

      > > This sounds like a bug in getc(). It should know that only one thread
      > > is reading the file and skip the locking. I don't think we should fix
      > > library bugs in Vim, unless it's crashing or another significant problem.
      > >
      > It can't be a bug. I might be missing what you mean, but I can't see
      > how it can know that only one thread is reading a file. It doesn't
      > have a clue whether you gave this FILE * to other threads or not. It
      > tries to be lightweight - as I described in a separate mail it uses
      > InterlockedIncrement/Decrement but they are not that lightweight -
      > they don't require switching to kernel mode but still take about 200
      > cycles of CPU each.
      > The only optimization that I see could be avoiding blocking (and even
      > trying to block) in case if there is only one thread in current
      > process and if there is guarantee that this particular call is
      > guaranteed not to create any threads. But 1) it still may be expensive
      > and 2) Vim has some background threads anyway, probably.

      Hmm, getc() is apparently preparing for the worst and isn't optimized
      for the 98% of the situations where there is only one thread reading
      from the fd. With the result that the, very often used, getc() is slow.

      Besides using getc_unlocked() we could use read() and do our own
      buffering. That can't bee very complicated. And we don't need to
      figure out if the getc_unlocked() function is available.

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