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46076Re: Vim 7 performance notes

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 8, 2007
      Alexei Alexandrov wrote:

      > I've also noticed that Vim spends somewhat significant time on startup
      > loading spell files (I have 2 languages in my .vimrc: set
      > spelllang=en,ru). The time is mostly spent in
      > EnterCriticalSection/LeaveCriticalSection with getc() upper the stack.
      > The reason for this is CRT blocking since the runtime is
      > multithreaded. It's Windows, but on Linux it should be similar.

      I would not assume it's similar until there is proof.

      > As far as I understand, Vim doesn't access the spell file from
      > multiple threads. Thus, the situation can be improved a lot: on Linux
      > by using getc_unlocked. On Windows, starting VS 2005 there is a
      > function _getc_nolock. Before VS 2005 this function can be emulated by
      > macro:
      > #define _getc_nolock(_stream) (--(_stream)->_cnt >= 0 ? \
      > 0xff & *(_stream)->_ptr++ : _filbuf(_stream))
      > By switching to non-blocking getc() in spell.c I was able to reduce
      > Vim startup time from about 0.9 seconds to about 0.7 seconds.

      This sounds like a bug in getc(). It should know that only one thread
      is reading the file and skip the locking. I don't think we should fix
      library bugs in Vim, unless it's crashing or another significant problem.

      Perhaps you can already get a big increase by not compiling for
      debugging? With MSVC this usually has a big impact. Also largely
      defeats profiling with debugging enabled.

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