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46072Re: Vim 7 performance notes

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  • Mikolaj Machowski
    Feb 7, 2007
      Dnia środa 07 luty 2007, Alexei Alexandrov napisał:
      > Hi Mikolaj Machowski, you wrote:
      > > Nice work. Could you send or place somewhere patches? I'd like to test
      > > them on more complex regexps.
      > Here it is. Note that the biggest speed-up is observed when regexp is
      > matched a lot of times. The regexp mechanism itself is not affected at
      > all here - so if you have one regexp which runs very long you won't
      > probably notice any major difference.

      When testing it with VST it gave 3.4% speed improvements (the same
      metodology - 3 tests before and after, choose the best results).

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