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45803RE: Does 'man' syntax do its job?

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  • Vince Negri
    Jan 4, 2007
      James Vega [mailto:jamessan@...] wrote:

      On the other hand, integrating the [conceal] patch would provide a solution for
      various itches that I know people want to scratch (mainly to do with
      builtin previewing of filetypes like html, tex, etc). If it were
      disabled by default (as I think folding should be), it would allow
      people that knew of it to take advantage of the functionality without
      causing novice users to wonder what the heck is going on.

      FYI the default "conceallevel" is 0, at which no concealment goes on at all.

      To recap:

      0 - normal operation.

      1 - inline folding, each group of concealed chars replaced by a configurable character
      (by default this is a "-" highlighted to look similar to a folded line.

      Mode 1 is most useful for "folding out" applications, since you can always
      see that something has been removed.

      2 - hide/replace mode. Concealed chars are hidden completely, unless a character has
      been specified for them in the syntax definition. Simple example: in my own
      HTML syntax I have the "&" sequence folded and replaced with "&".

      Mode 2 is the most useful for "smart" TeX and HTML etc editing, as it has
      the cleanest look.

      3 - hide mode. Concealed chars are always hidden completely. This is only there for
      completeness, I would imagine option 2 is always the more useful.

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