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45585Re: command line completion on several lines

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  • koxinga
    Nov 8, 2006
      (for those of you who don't follow vim@..., this is an answer to a
      message posted there because I got confused and posted in both lists ...)

      A.J.Mechelynck wrote:
      > koxinga wrote:
      >> koxinga wrote:
      >>> Hello,
      > [...]
      >>> It won't work with multibyte.
      > [...]
      >>> Any feedback appreciated, of course ...
      >>> koxinga
      >> No feedback at all ? Not even a nice "you dumbass, it doesn't even
      >> compile" or a "this is not a feature, this is a bug, moron" ?
      >> koxinga
      > Anything doesn't work with multibyte, I'm not interested. UTF-8 is
      > essential to my use of Vim.
      > Best regards,
      > Tony.
      Well, it doesn't work because I made it just to show what I would like
      to have and I don't really know how to deal with multibyte in vim. It is
      not inherent to the modification I propose. If someone does this
      correctly, it should work fine with multibyte.

      However, nobody seems interested so I think I will just forget it and
      keep the patch for my personal use :(.

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