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45574Re: command line completion on several lines

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  • koxinga
    Nov 7, 2006
      No feedback at all ? Not even a nice "you dumbass, it doesn't even
      compile" or a "this is not a feature, this is a bug, moron" ?

      koxinga wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I am a big fan of the zsh feature allowing to navigate in a
      > two-dimensional way in matches when completing a command, so I tried
      > to code something similar in vim. The patch is here :
      > http://perso.wanadoo.fr/koxinga/cmdline_completion.diff
      > I am a beginner programmer and not at all familiar with the vim code
      > so it isn't an elegant piece of code and I didn't understand exactly
      > what some of the adjacent parts were supposed to do (what does
      > 'showtail' mean ?). I did this little modification mainly to explain
      > what I would like to have and hoping someone more able to do it will
      > take some time to implement a proper patch.
      > The completion is now organized on several lines, which allows to see
      > much more possibilities at once when there are many matches. You can
      > use the four directional keys to navigate and it wraps at the
      > extremities. For the moment, it doesn't show anything if it can't show
      > every matches.
      > It won't work with multibyte.
      > As up and down are now used for navigation, I mapped Shift-Up and
      > Shift-Down to enter or leave a directory. Tab, Shift-Tab, Ctrl-P,
      > Ctrl-N continue to work the same way.
      > Any feedback appreciated, of course ...
      > koxinga
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