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45327Re: Convert2HTML Again

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  • Edd Barrett
    Oct 12, 2006
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      On 12/10/06, Benji Fisher <benji@...> wrote:
      > <span class="bar"> (text) </span>
      > in the body, while the non-CSS version will have something like
      > <font color="#EEE" bgcolor="333"> (text) </font>
      > and now the CSS version is easier to read.

      Yes I see,

      If i had written this from scratch i would have not included <font>
      tags atall because they are depricated. I was just respecting the
      existing code to be honest. This would have to be something you take
      up with the original writer(?) or Bram(?).

      I'll check the syntax error highlight for you too.

      Will probably get a chance at the weekend.

      Thanks for your time.

      Best Regards

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