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45171Re: Autocommand-Event for Clipboard-Changed

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  • Charles E Campbell Jr
    Oct 3, 2006
      Bram Moolenaar wrote:

      >Suresh Govindachar wrote:
      >>Is it possible to add an autocommand-event for "Clipboard Changed"?
      >Not really. This is not something that happens inside Vim. Polling for
      >changes in the system is not really something I would like to add to Vim.
      Bram -- would you be willing to give out a bit of code that will send a
      remote message to vim?
      Some function, perhaps SendCmd2Vim("string"). That way it'll be simple
      for folks to make their
      own external programs to send a command to vim via the already available
      remote vim stuff.

      Presumably the code snippet wouldn't be a Part of Vim itself; maybe
      something for vim.sf.net?

      Just an idea...
      Chip Campbell
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