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45130Re: gvim segfaulting on Solaris 10

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  • Laurent Blume
    Oct 1, 2006
      Bram Moolenaar a écrit :
      > Smells like a problem in the GUI libraries. Or it could be a compiler
      > optimizer bug again, try compiling without -O2. But I guess it's the
      > libraries.

      Yes, you were right. After I found out that the very same binary worked
      on my Solaris Express install (the -dev branch of Solaris), I had a
      harder look at the most recently installed patches.
      There was one for fontconfig, and the last functions called were for
      fontconfig, the evidence was overwhelming, it was the culprit. Once I
      had it backed out, the binary worked.

      FWIW, tt's that one, out 3 days ago:
      123495-02 X11 6.6.2_x86: fontconfig patch

      I'm back to -01, which works.

      > Does it always print those two lines when gvim starts? I don't know
      > what this accessibility stuff does, but it might be worth looking into
      > whether it is related to the crash.

      Yes, it's a JDS thing, it's also displayed for other GNOME apps on Solaris.

      > Is "/usr/sfw" a standard place for something? Then perhaps configure
      > should be adjusted to check it.

      On Solaris 10, it's where freetype and Xrender live, so it's needed at
      build time, IIRC, because else, some dependencies won't link correctly.
      Actually, I did that a while ago, and didn't try again since them, so
      maybe it's not needed anymore (the .pc files should provide the correct
      paths). If you want, I'll build again to confirm that.

      > I don't see a Vim function in the stack trace. It might be something in
      > Pango. I've seen pango crash before. You would have to dig into this
      > to find out if we can work around it.

      Definitely not a vim issue, sorry for bothering you, I'll be sure to
      open a case with Sun about that on Monday.

      Thanks for your answer!

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