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45064Re: no winclose event

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  • Charles E Campbell Jr
    Sep 25, 2006
      Charles E Campbell Jr wrote:

      > Just a suggestion -- I'd appreciate a WinClose event. BufWinLeave
      > would almost do, but if two or more windows are open on the same
      > buffer, then no event. WinLeave fires whenever one changes windows,
      > which isn't what I want, either. Unless I'm misunderstanding the help
      > for these two events.

      I've attached a patch. It implements WinClose and WinResize. However,
      I didn't find where the resizing occurs when a mouse is used to drag a
      window frame, so that's a "known bug". I'd do the documentation up but
      I'd like to find out if Bram is receptive first.

      Chip Campbell
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