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44751Re: Patch 7.0.082

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Sep 3, 2006
      I wrote:

      > Patch 7.0.082
      > Problem: Calling a function that waits for input may cause List and
      > Dictionary arguments to be freed by the garbage collector.
      > Solution: Keep a list of all arguments to internal functions.
      > Files: src/eval.c

      I vaguely recall that some people were having unreproducible crashes
      when using input() or inputlist(). This patch should solve that.

      What happened was that the garbage collector didn't see the arguments to
      internal functions, thus would free List and Dict arguments that are
      still in use. That leads to a double free later. The garbage collector
      only does it's work when the user doesn't type for a little while, that
      made it unpredictable when it would happen.

      Even got a Datapoint 3600(?) with a DD50 connector instead of the
      usual DB25... what a nightmare trying to figure out the pinout
      for *that* with no spex...

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