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  • Matthew Winn
    Aug 1, 2006
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      On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 16:19:28 -0300, "Rodolfo Borges"
      <rodolfo.borges@...> wrote:

      > I made a file with vim commands, starting with
      > #!/usr/bin/vim -S
      > so I can execute the file directly, instead of using "vim -S file".
      > The problem is that vim tries to execute this first line too.
      > Can we have a workaround on this?
      > Like, ignoring "#!" at the start of a command, instead of giving the
      > "no ! allowed" error?
      > Or am I having it all wrong?

      One way is to create a file that is both a valid shell script and
      a valid Vim script by starting the file with the following line:

      "exec" vim -S $0 "$@"
      [vim commands go here]

      (That's a dollar-zero after the -S, not dollar-capital-O.) When the
      shell runs this file it sees the exec command and runs Vim. Because
      $0 is the name of the script Vim opens the script and executes it,
      but it ignores the first line because it sees it as a comment.

      Matthew Winn
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