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44347Re: PCBSD error

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  • A.J.Mechelynck
    Jul 31, 2006
      Cc to vim-dev list.

      Robin Becker wrote:
      > A.J.Mechelynck wrote:
      >> Robin Becker wrote:
      >>> A.J.Mechelynck wrote:
      >>>> Robin Becker wrote:
      >>> ..........
      >>>> 'guifontset' being empty is usually not a problem; and 'guifont' can
      >>>> be empty (giving some "default" font); but in any case you need
      >>>> fonts installed at a place where gvim can find them in order to run
      >>>> it as a GUI. You may want to check if the relevant xfonts package
      >>>> (or whatever it is called) is installed on your system; how to check
      >>>> that varies from one distribution to the next. Then you may try to
      >>>> set 'guifont' yourself, as explained in messages posted a few
      >>>> minutes ago in the thread "Differences with Vim 7".
      >>> Certainly there are lots of fonts installed, but perhaps gvim doesn't
      >>> know where they are and maybe I need to investigate whether I have to
      >>> set some specific flags for the build so vim will know what to do.
      >> Normally, gvim needs a "fixed-width" font. It can be a scalable font
      >> but all its glyphs must have exactly the same width. Gvim for GTK+2
      >> can manage with fonts which are not precisely fixed-width but in some
      >> cases this will result in cropping of the wider glyphs. Other GUIs may
      >> refuse to work if they can't find a font which they regard as
      >> fixed-width.
      >> I'm not sure how to install fonts so that gvim can find them -- mine
      >> worked "out of the box".
      >> Best regards,
      >> Tony.
      > The default makefile for vim7 seems to fall back to gtk1.2 which is
      > certainly installed as a package. I built with
      > make WITH_GNOME=GTK12
      > and that seems to do stuff with -DFEAT_GTK12 flags etc etc, but still no
      > fonts. xlsfonts shows a big list, but I don't know what part of the font
      > name to pass in to set guifont. Certainly Courier/10 didn't seem to work :(
      > I can actually get the makefile to do GTK2, but I'm not sure how that
      > will run with the rest of the system ie I don't currently have GTK2 on
      > the system.

      Rather than edit the makefile, I set a number of configuration options
      in the environment then use the Makefile as distributed. This will run
      configure if it hasn't yet been run; after changing configuration
      options and/or installing/uninstalling software, "make reconfig" must be
      run in the src/ directory.

      To successfully compile Vim, you need more than just the packages
      required to run it; you also need "development" versions of all those
      packages. For instance, you need some "x11-devel" package to compile
      _any_ kind of GUI to run on an X11 system; you need some version of
      gtk-devel or gtk2-devel to compile a GTK+1 or GTK+2 gvim respectively;
      for a Gnome version you need gnome-devel in addition of all that is
      needed for GTK; etc. For GTK1 (or any X11 GUI other than GTK2 and the
      now unsupported kvim) the format of the 'guifont' option is neither
      Courier/10 nor Courier\ 10 but something like

      :help setting-guifont
      :help mbyte-fonts-X11
      :help XLFD

      "USING RESOURCE FILES", a little lower than
      :help E253


      Best regards,