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44189question for charles (or anyone): netrw whacking t

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  • scott
    Jul 11, 2006

      i have formatoptions set in my .vimrc to tcroqn

      i have a script i call gvime that starts 'vim -g -c Explore'
      (i tried 'gvim -c Explore' with the same result)

      if i run gvime, and select a file to edit, i find
      formatoptions is now croqn -- the t has been whacked,
      and even with a modeline setting textwidth, i am
      manually formatting paragraphs, running scriptnames,
      and generally having a bad day

      i have a python enabled gvim, version 7.0.35, on
      linux (rel 2.6.13-15.10-smp)
      kde version 3.4.2 level "b"
      in other words i just installed suse linux 10.0 and i'm
      a linux newbie

      any help will be appreciated,

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