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44173Re: Terminal-based auto-paste.

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  • Yakov Lerner
    Jul 10 9:56 AM
      On 7/10/06, Sean Reifschneider <jafo@...> wrote:
      > I have submitted a suggestion to the Fedora packager

      I wish you god luck waiting from Fedora packager.

      I referred to the possibility of installing vim under $HOME/bin,
      for one user only, you. (This is possible even if user is root). The
      other users use stock /usr/bin/vim, but you'll use vim from
      $HOME/bin/vim. The advantage is that it's built precisely to your
      taste. Mucking with 1st build takes, maybe, 1/2 hour. Non-first build
      is seconds of you net time (that if you package it into script as I did;
      it's one command and then couple of minutes of background work).
      I don't know exactly how long it takes for changed Fedora package.
      But I believe there is gain even in you net time.

      If you know the exercise of (./configure
      --prefix=$HOME --with-features=huge && make && make install)
      it's really easy. (It you don't, it's worth learning anyway.
      For myself, I made a script that downloads the latest
      vim-src.tgz and builds it all in one invocations exactly with
      options I like. Rebuild takes 10 seconds of my net time).

      I never come from this point back to stock-rpm-vim.

      So, it gives you full control. Quick control. And you don't need to
      break other users's vim when you install under $HOME/bin.

      I penetrated this barrier once ~ 6 years ago, the barrier between
      the stock-rpm-vim and self-build-rpm. I remember my
      initial hesitation and difficulties, and I understand your hesitation.
      This conversion, it's worth a mass. Just try it once, and
      you'll stick with it.

      > I currently have over 1251 packages installed on my system, do you know how
      > long it would take to correctly (let alone optimally) package and build,
      > to say nothing of hunting down and apply updates, for this laptop?

      You slipped into absurdity here. Nobody suggested that you
      rebuild 1200 [unrelated] packages because of minor problem
      with vim rpm.

      Vim is special. I believe that being organic extension of
      programmer/sysadmin fingers, it deserves special attitude
      that other packages.

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