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44166Re: Terminal-based auto-paste.

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  • Sean Reifschneider
    Jul 10, 2006
      On Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 07:38:02AM +0000, Yakov Lerner wrote:
      >It is so much easier and predictable to build & install vim from
      >sources youself, (with exactly the features you need), than hunt

      I understand that some people believe this, but as a large-scale system
      administrator I disagree. If I avoid the native packaging system, how will
      I know when there are (possibly security-related) updates available? I
      currently have over 1251 packages installed on my system, do you know how
      long it would take to correctly (let alone optimally) package and build,
      to say nothing of hunting down and apply updates, for this laptop?

      Factor in, say, 100 machines in various stages of production or test, and
      you suddenly have to build an empire just to maintain them.

      >package-maintiners and expect them to fine-tune binary packages
      >to your inquiries/needs/wishes. Unless you are package-maintiner

      Having an expert tune the packages for the general cases is probably going
      to work much better on average than having the layman try to tune it
      themselves. A good package maintainer can make it so that a package fits
      nearly everyone's needs. I have submitted a suggestion to the Fedora
      packager that they extend the "vim-x11" package to include not only "gvim",
      but also "xvim", leaving the stock "vim" package being compiled with
      --with-x=no. This way you get the fairly minimal package in "vim-minimal",
      and users who want vim on a server without X installed are happy. And
      users who want enhanced X capabilties can install "vim-x11" and get
      enhanced functionality by calling (or aliasing) gvim or xvim.

      Seems like a workable solution that will make everyones lives easier.

      >yourself, why would they follow your preferences rather than, say,
      >their own preferences ?

      A packager is doing the packaging as a community service. They rarely do
      it to their own preferences. If you are a Fedora packager, you almost
      never get to consider only your own preferences. This is why there is the
      review process.

      >Look like the pat of Sean Reifschneider's problem is that

      No, my problem is that vim --with-x=no works identically to other
      applications running in X terms. However, it can't make use of the
      extremely cool automatic "paste" function. Configuring it so you get
      automatic pasting causes it to act extremely differently than other xterm
      applications. --with-x=yes or --with-x=no doesn't matter.

      The only thing that --with-x=yes fixes is that when you ":set mouse=a" in a
      vim built --with-x=no, the pasted text comes from, I think, the 0 buffer
      and not the X selection.

      My understanding of this is that the problem is that when you ":set
      mouse=a", it send the escape sequence to tell xterm to send mouse events.
      So, instead of xterm sending the selection when you click the middle mouse
      button, it sends a "Middle mouse button pressed" message.

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      up something and finding something else on the way. -- Franklin P. Adams
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