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44163Re: Terminal-based auto-paste.

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  • Pierre Habouzit
    Jul 9, 2006
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      Le lun 10 juillet 2006 05:57, Sean Reifschneider a écrit :
      > On Sat, Jul 08, 2006 at 11:57:48PM +0200, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
      > >'*' works iff your vim is linked against X.
      > >same is true for shift right mouse button.

      > […]

      > However, I have rebuilt the Fedora Core 6 test 1 RPMs --with-x=yes,
      > and that's a workable solution. It's still annoying how clicking and
      > selecting text causes vim to move my cursor around and requires me to
      > press escape when I'm done selecting.

      maybe you could read :he mouse then (and really do it that time).

      > But I can try to remember to
      > shift-select, which works as I'd like. A pain, but workable and
      > gives me proper pasting.

      it's a pain because you're not used to it, but (1) it works like that in
      every terminal-mouse-aware application and (2) you can disable mouse in
      vim if you don't like it.

      > >what you are searching for is :
      > >:he pastetoggle
      > Not really, but thanks for the pointer. I'm not much of a key
      > mapping person. Typing ":set paste" or ":set nopaste" is no terrible
      > burden, so that's what I used to do when I had to paste indented
      > text.

      hence the read the damn manual thing:

      set pastetoggle=<F4> allow you to toggle between paste and nopaste, so
      maybe you could make an effort and read the pointers people kindly
      offers you.

      if you paste by mistake with paste off, you can:

      u<f4>i<shift-inser><f4> again. if that's not a shortcut, then bit me.

      ·O· Pierre Habouzit
      ··O madcoder@...
      OOO http://www.madism.org
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