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44158Re: Terminal-based auto-paste.

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  • Pierre Habouzit
    Jul 8 2:57 PM
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      Le ven 7 juillet 2006 06:23, Sean Reifschneider a écrit :
      > I haven't been very happy with using vim in an xterm with various
      > settings of "mouse=", "selectmode=" and others. Part of this may be
      > that the Fedora build is missing some features related to things like
      > "* doesn't seem to work, and "shift right mouse button" doesn't set
      > "paste".

      '*' works iff your vim is linked against X.
      same is true for shift right mouse button.

      > What I'm really looking for is that when I paste using the mouse,
      > that "paste" is set. I really don't want things like selecting text
      > to move my mouse, selected text goes into a select buffer in a
      > different dimention, paste pastes text from a select buffer in that
      > the "evil me" selected in another dimension, etc... :-) In short,
      > I'd like to have some way for my cut and pastes in vim to work the
      > same way they do in other xterm applications, but with the "paste"
      > option set.

      what you are searching for is :

      :he pastetoggle

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