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44151Re: Terminal-based auto-paste.

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  • Sean Reifschneider
    Jul 7, 2006
      On Sat, Jul 08, 2006 at 01:43:46AM +0300, Yakov Lerner wrote:
      >empty based on the size of typeahead buffer. I don't want to
      >disappoint you. But I believe there is no possibility to automatically
      >do something based on number of character in the input buffer.

      It's certainly doable to detect that more than N characters have been
      "typed" in insert mode in the last M milliseconds though, even if you don't
      have access to the input buffer. Or am I missing something?

      In fact, it looks like this is already implemented for "timeout" and
      "timeoutlen", but in that case it's for mapped keys.

      >It would probably be useful to tell vim to react only to
      >MiddleMouse and ignore all other mouse events. This might be

      Interesting idea. I'll have to play with it, but I suspect that it'll
      still suffer from "pasted data comes from another dimension". This latter
      problem may be because of a lacking build option in the Fedora build.

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