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44006Re: Patch: Make_mvc.mak creates an empty gvim.exe.mnf file

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  • Mathias Michaelis
    Jun 18, 2006
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      >>>> Patch
      >>>> Problem: Make_mvc.mak creates an empty gvim.exe.mnf file
      >>>> (or stops with an error message).
      >>>> Solution: Don't use 'echo' to create files. Use inline files
      >>>> instead.
      >>>> Files: src/Make_mvc.mak
      > Before including this change I would have to check the file still works
      > with old versions of MSVC. I still need to use 4.1 to be able to
      > generate a win32s version.
      I have downloaded NMAKE 1.5 from


      and saw, that it can handle inline files too. I think NMAKE 1.5 is
      only a bug fix release with no additional features so NMAKE 1.4
      should also handle inline files. The actual version on NMAKE is
      about 8.00.xxx.

      The method of using inline files is much more reliable than using
      "echo", by reasons mentioned already at other places of that thread.

      With best regards

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