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43877Re: I just updated my Vim site

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  • A.J.Mechelynck
    Jun 6, 2006
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      James Vega wrote:
      > On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 03:30:32PM +0200, A.J.Mechelynck wrote:
      >> James Vega wrote:
      >>> On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 11:10:21PM -0700, Hari Krishna Dara wrote:
      >>>> Isn't there a cross-compiler for producing cygwin executables from
      >>>> Linux?
      >>> There is a cross-compiler for producing Windows native executables.
      >>> It's mingw and that was what I used to produce binaries of the vim7
      >>> pre-release before I found Tony's site. I'm not sure if it can be used
      >>> to create cygwin executables.
      >>> James
      >> MinGW runs on Windows with Unix-like tools, doesn't it?
      > Yes, that's one use of MinGW, but there is also a linux->win32
      > cross-compiler. Your distribution may have packages. The MinGW wiki
      > also has a HOWTO[0] for building the cross-compiler from their tools.
      > James
      > [0] http://www.mingw.org/MinGWiki/index.php/build%20a%20Win32%20x-compiler%20for%20Linux
      My distribution has lots of packages; but searching in yast2 among all
      (installed and uninstalled) packages for "Name/Summary/Description
      Contains mingw (case-insensitive)" gives: Null result. Similarly, rpm
      -qa |grep mingw (which IIUC searches only the names of installed
      packages) also gives nothing.

      I see that wiki but I'm not anymore enough of a guru to be certain that
      it will not clobber my installation of gcc for Linux. If it seems simple
      to you, why don't you do it yourself? I imagine (maybe in error, but...)
      that there are so many things that could go wrong... If I could do it
      successfully on Windows, it was thaks to Steve Hall, who paved the way
      for me, compiled a number of versions (starting at 6.1 or earlier),
      published his own "HowTo" which I could follow but also (maybe more
      important) understand the procedure and vary it to make it flow smoothly
      to generate the 4 executabvles I wished foor... Then he stopped
      compiling for a time and I started publishing builds for every patch.
      Later I disappeared from the scene and he took back the flag. Let him
      keep it. His self-installers are neater than anything I could produce;
      and I would start with the handicap of starting from scratch again,
      learning by hit-and-miss again (and probably getting many more misses
      than hits, at least at first).

      Please, let me concentrate my efforts on Vim versions whose proper
      workings I can check. If anyone on Windows is not content with Steve
      Hall's build (7.0.017 at the moment), I will (if needed) help him
      compile his own; but that cross-compiling stuff sounds to me like much
      ado about very little...

      Best regards,
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