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43866Re: I just updated my Vim site

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  • A.J.Mechelynck
    Jun 5, 2006
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      Hari Krishna Dara wrote:
      > VMWare is like Wine, but my understanding is that it runs at a lower
      > level than Wine. Also Wine is an emulator of Windows, where as VMWare is
      > a virtualizer for OSes. It exposes the host hardware as virtual devices,
      > and allows multiples OSes to boot and coexist at the same time. You can
      > find this information at vmware.com. If you heard about MS virtual PC or
      > MS Virtual Server, VMWare is not much different. When you use VMWare for
      > booting Windows, you would need a valid license. If you only have a OEM
      > license, I don't know if you can install it on a different machine, but
      > if you can reinstall that OS on a new PC, it means you can install on a
      > VM as well.
      > Isn't there a cross-compiler for producing cygwin executables from
      > Linux?
      I see. My Windows XP was installed on my laptop, not from a CD but from
      a "hidden partition" on that laptop's hard disk; that is of course
      inaccessible now that the laptop is down, and I suspect that XP version
      to be an OEM version keyed to the laptop's hardware. (It can not even be
      reinstalled a second time on the same machine: select French or Dutch at
      first boot, and you're stuck forever with whatever you chose.) As I said
      in my previous post, I haven't found any separately-available Windows
      distribution recently. Also running Linux and Windosw in parallel in
      "time-sharing" mode makes me uneasy. The farthest I'm ready to go is a
      dual-boot machine: both OSes installed on the same machine, but use only
      one of them at a time, and switch by means of LILO, Grub, or by changing
      the "active" partition. However even for that I need an installable
      Windows, and I guess I won't get it.

      About the cross-compiler, I don't know; but I don't think I have it on
      my SuSE system, which AFAIK isn't meant to produce software running only
      on Windows. I'd rather let Steve Hall do the job of publishing patched
      Vim distributions for Windows, at least for the time being. (His Vim
      site http://cream.sourceforge.net/vim.html currently offers a Windows
      self-installer for version 7.0.017, with both vim.exe and gvim.exe, all
      interpreted languages except MzScheme, all runtime files as of 25 May
      2006, etc.)

      Best regards,
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