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43865Re: I just updated my Vim site

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  • Hari Krishna Dara
    Jun 5, 2006
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      On Mon, 5 Jun 2006 at 9:30pm, A.J.Mechelynck wrote:

      > Hari Krishna Dara wrote:
      > > I read your previous emails about your windows laptop being out and that
      > > you prefer Linux etc., so I have a suggestion. Why don't you install
      > > VMWare virtual server on your Linux box and have windows run just for
      > > the builds? If you don't want to purchase a license, it is still easy to
      > > get a free VM by using their free VMWare Player (you need to start from
      > > an existing downloadable free VM's and format and reinstall Windows on
      > > it). Several people have done this trick (ie, using VMWare player to
      > > create new VMs) and you can find a number of blogs on the net.
      > >
      > >
      > What exactly is VMWare? Anything making my machine a server (accessible
      > from clients on the Net) is a no-no. I am vaguely thinking of installing
      > Wine just for the builds, but (a) I don't remember whether it requires a
      > "true" Windows OS, and (b) running Cygwin on top of Wine on top of Linux
      > strikes me as somewhat ridiculous. (The Windows compilation process
      > which I "understand" uses Cygwin and the Make_cyg.mak to produce a
      > "native-Windows" build by means of the "MinGW for Cygwin" compiler.) I
      > think I'll keep my HowTo pages up (so it'll be easier for people to
      > compile their own) and let Steve Hall distribute patched versions of Vim
      > for Windows (a job I took from him when it seemed to me that his builds
      > weren't forthcoming often enough). I hear that a self-installer for gvim
      > 7.0.017 is currently available on his site; if he keeps it up there's no
      > reason for me to duplicate the work.

      VMWare is like Wine, but my understanding is that it runs at a lower
      level than Wine. Also Wine is an emulator of Windows, where as VMWare is
      a virtualizer for OSes. It exposes the host hardware as virtual devices,
      and allows multiples OSes to boot and coexist at the same time. You can
      find this information at vmware.com. If you heard about MS virtual PC or
      MS Virtual Server, VMWare is not much different. When you use VMWare for
      booting Windows, you would need a valid license. If you only have a OEM
      license, I don't know if you can install it on a different machine, but
      if you can reinstall that OS on a new PC, it means you can install on a
      VM as well.

      Isn't there a cross-compiler for producing cygwin executables from


      > I have reserved space on my hard disk for a vfat partition, but that is
      > empty space for the time being. I don't see Windows on the market except
      > as OEM versions sold exclusively together with new computers, and I want
      > neither a pirated version nor something unacceptably costly...
      > OTOH, I'm not ready to distribute my "gvim for Linux" because I don't
      > feel like it is of acceptable quality for "public consumption" (no
      > Python, no MzScheme, no /dyn features...); but compiling on Linux is
      > remarkably easy (once the required "development" packages are installed)
      > so let's encourage Unix/Linux users to compile their own builds. That's
      > where my new HowTo for Unix comes into play. I hope it will be useful.
      > Best regards,
      > Tony.

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