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  • Sebastian Menge
    Jun 1, 2006
      Am Donnerstag, den 01.06.2006, 16:08 +0200 schrieb Sebastian Menge:
      > Or does it mean that i have to compile my own vim with disabled
      > gui-support and enabled netbeans?

      I forgot to mention what I want to do ...

      I want to communicate via the netbenas-protocol with a vim in a
      terminal. That vim should not have any X or GUI features.

      Is that possible?

      If yes, how would I have to ./configure vim? I tried

      ./configure --enable-gui=no --enable-netbeans

      But it doesnt seem to work.

      On my ubuntu box 'vim --version' has +netbeans_intg and +X11, is linked
      against gnome-libs. If I start my homebrewn netbeans-server, and then
      'vim -nb', nothing happens. If I type :gui in the same vim-instance, it
      immediatly connects to the server and executes the test command.

      Thanks to anyone helping me with this.

      regards, Sebastian.

      PS: my test server:

      start it first, then 'gvim -nb'

      import java.io.BufferedReader;
      import java.io.IOException;
      import java.io.InputStreamReader;
      import java.io.PrintWriter;
      import java.net.ServerSocket;
      import java.net.Socket;

      public class VimNBApp {

      private static ServerSocket socket;
      private static Socket vimSocket;

      public static void main(String[] args) {
      try {
      socket = new ServerSocket(3219);
      System.out.print("Server waiting for connection ...");
      vimSocket = socket.accept();
      System.out.println(" connected.");

      PrintWriter out =
      new PrintWriter(vimSocket.getOutputStream(), true);
      BufferedReader in =
      new BufferedReader(
      new InputStreamReader(vimSocket.getInputStream()


      String cmd = "1:editFile!123 \"/tmp/test.txt\"";
      System.out.println("sent: "+cmd);

      } catch (IOException e) {
      // TODO Auto-generated catch block
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