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43353Re: echo message missing

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  • Yakov Lerner
    May 2 12:23 AM
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      On 5/2/06, Robert Webb <RobertW@...> wrote:
      > I have the following in my _vimrc file:
      > func! SaveSession()
      > mksession! aaaSession.vse
      > echo "Session saved"
      > endfunction
      > command! -nargs=0 S call SaveSession()
      > But now, when I have more than one tab open (on Windows2000) and use
      > my ":S" command, I no longer see the message "Session saved" at the
      > bottom of the screen. Shouldn't my echoed message still be there?

      Will inserting "redraw" command before echo help ? Like this:

      func! SaveSession()
      mksession! aaaSession.vse
      echo "Session saved"

      This happens also in other situations without tabs.
      What erases the message is automatic redraw at the
      end of scripted sequence.
      Inserting the redraw before echo cancels the automatic

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