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42700Re: onoremap with :set insertmode

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 3, 2006
      Georg Dahn wrote:

      > I have seen a surprising (to me) behavior of Vim
      > today:
      > 1. Define the mapping
      > onoremap <F3> <C-C>n
      > 2. and do
      > :set insertmode
      > You are in Insertmode now
      > 3. Do <C-O>
      > 4. Do d
      > You are in Operator pending mode now
      > 5. Do <F3>
      > The result: not the next pattern is searched for, but
      > 'n' is inserted. I consider, that <C-C> of the mapping
      > switches back to Insert mode.
      > Is this the normal behavior or shouldn't Vim return to
      > Insert mode not before the mapping has finished? If
      > 'insertmode' is not set, this is the actual behavior
      > of Vim when doing the same thing.

      Well, the CTRL-C aborts the current command. When 'insertmode' is set
      Vim goes back to Insert mode. I can't say this is wrong. Setting
      'insertmode' changes a lot of things.

      Perhaps what should happen is that CTRL-C should forget about the rest
      of the mapping. But that would break existing mappings, thus we can't
      do that.

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