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42685Re: Completion very slow

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  • Alexei Alexandrov
    Apr 2, 2006
      Hi Bram Moolenaar, you wrote:

      > That is right, Vim 7 continues to find matches, so that the popup menu
      > can be filled. But you don't have to wait for it to finish, you can
      > type something while it's still busy.

      My 5 cents: I have similar problem with C++ files. I set up 'include' so that it points to Windows SDK directories so that I can auto-complete standard functions. But the problem is that 99% of cases I want to auto-complete some file-local name. And it is really inconvenient that Vim starts to scan everything over and over again each time I press C-P/C-N. I keep on pressing ESC constantly to stop that. And in fact it looks like you have to wait - the cursor stops blinking so that user will feel that some modal thing is going on.

      Now I stop wining and would like to propose a solution. I think it would be great to stop the scanning if Vim doesn't need to build the menu, that is if completeopt doesn't contain 'menu'.

      P.S. Personally, I like all these new features, like spell checking etc., but I like Vim because it is fast-as-light and I can do everything with a few key strokes. I can live doing spell checking occasionally outside of Vim, but I can't live pressing ESC all the time... :-)

      P.P.S. Thanks for Vim. I'm really impressed how those Google guys manage to hire the most talented guys in the world...

      Alexei Alexandrov
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