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42043Re: :match and 'hlsearch'

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  • Charles E. Campbell, Jr.
    Mar 1, 2006
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      mzyzik@... wrote:

      >Ok I'm confused. What can ":match" do that ":syn match" cannot?


      Example: assume one has a syn match for strings:

      "this is a string that stretches out past 40 characters"

      Assume one has a match:

      match Error "/\%>40c"

      With this setup, anything past column 40 will be Error highlighted.
      However, changing that match to a syn match:

      syn match Error '/\%>40c'

      and you won't see any Error highlighting. Why? Because the string
      highlighting began in column 2 *and continues*
      until its match is over. Note that the string highlighting does not
      contain the syn-match-Error. This problem is typical
      of trying to shove a syn-match-Error of the sort shown into the
      highlighting mix -- it doesn't have priority, isn't contained,

      Furthermore, assume that you modify the string handling to contain your
      new syn-match-error, but note that the string's
      ending is inside the syn-match-Error, *not* inside the string match.
      Now your strings won't terminate correctly.

      Chip Campbell
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