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41642Re: "window tabs" and "frames/pages"

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  • mzyzik@gmail.com
    Feb 6, 2006
      > Good point: if multiple windows are implemented by having more
      > communication between different instances of vim, there is no need to
      > insist on gvim.
      > Design issues: this would force a lot of decisions on us. The two
      > instances of vim would have separate histories (search, command-line,
      > jumps, etc.); global options changed in one would not affect the other;
      > new mappings, commands, etc. defined in one would not affect the other.
      > Is this what we want? It should be possible to do the equivalent of
      > making a session file and loading it, so that the two instances start
      > off in the same state.
      > Implementation issues: I am not really competent to discuss this,
      > but I suspect that the main difficulty would be allowing two instances
      > of vim to share a buffer.
      > OT: is it possible in Mozilla to detach a tab, so that the web page in
      > the tab gets its own window?
      > --Benji Fisher

      Undoubtedly implementing the multiple windows to represent
      "frames/pages" will be difficult to implement. I think Bram would be
      reluctant to introduce frames in Vim7 if this was a requirement. We
      should consider this once the tabs and frames are working well within
      one window.
      Basically what I'm saying is, we should just get the frames working
      first, hopefully in Vim7, and then consider the multiple windows per
      frames later. Besides, the two votes in the top 10 are for frames, and
      tabs for those frames; with no mention of multiple windows.

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