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41608Re: "window tabs" and "frames/pages"

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  • mzyzik@gmail.com
    Feb 3, 2006
      You are missing something. File editing is different than browsing. You
      might need to see two files at the same time when editing a third. You
      might want to then create a new frame temporarily to browse through one
      file, then switch back to the previous window layout. And if you are
      working on a complicated project, you might want to have multiple window
      layouts, and switch back and forth between them.


      On Fri, Feb 03, 2006 at 04:22:50PM +0100, Milan Vancura wrote:
      > > Note that it's very easy to come up with all kinds of extra things once
      > > you have tabs. But I really want to keep the number of options and
      > > commands to a minimum. We have more than enough of them already!
      > As I think about tabs in Firefox or Opera, especialy after I have installed the
      > nice extension Duplicate Tab which can also merge more windows to one, I feel
      > the differencies between windows and tabs are only these:
      > 1. all tabs have the same window size
      > 2. they are displayed at the same area on the screen, only one is visible at
      > every time
      > 3. you have only one record in a system window list for the whole set of tabs,
      > all manipulations with an order of tabs etc. is done in the "parent window",
      > not in the system itself
      > And that's all. If you change window-local property, it will be usualy changed
      > in one tab only - there are specialy mentioned exceptions when not (for example
      > window size :-) ).
      > If I look at these three points, I think normal window splitting with some
      > setting to show only of them at each time is very near to "tabs" - all you need
      > to full feeling of (Firefox) tabs is to write names of all windows/tabs to
      > status line. That's all.
      > Am I missed something? Or do you plan vim tabs will do something more than tabs
      > in Opera, Firefox, KDE shell Konsole etc. ?
      > Milan Vancura
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