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41605Re: "window tabs" and "frames/pages"

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  • Milan Vancura
    Feb 3, 2006
      > Note that it's very easy to come up with all kinds of extra things once
      > you have tabs. But I really want to keep the number of options and
      > commands to a minimum. We have more than enough of them already!

      As I think about tabs in Firefox or Opera, especialy after I have installed the
      nice extension Duplicate Tab which can also merge more windows to one, I feel
      the differencies between windows and tabs are only these:

      1. all tabs have the same window size
      2. they are displayed at the same area on the screen, only one is visible at
      every time
      3. you have only one record in a system window list for the whole set of tabs,
      all manipulations with an order of tabs etc. is done in the "parent window",
      not in the system itself

      And that's all. If you change window-local property, it will be usualy changed
      in one tab only - there are specialy mentioned exceptions when not (for example
      window size :-) ).

      If I look at these three points, I think normal window splitting with some
      setting to show only of them at each time is very near to "tabs" - all you need
      to full feeling of (Firefox) tabs is to write names of all windows/tabs to
      status line. That's all.

      Am I missed something? Or do you plan vim tabs will do something more than tabs
      in Opera, Firefox, KDE shell Konsole etc. ?

      Milan Vancura
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