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41171Re: Yzis still alive? (Re: Vim 7 snapshot 163)

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Dec 8, 2005
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      Aschwin Marsman wrote:

      > > > I looked at the mailing list archives, newest developer message
      > > > is from september, newest user message is from august. Is the
      > > > Yzis project still alive?
      > >
      > > Most projects have a quick start and then run into the bulky/difficult
      > > work, which is when progress slows down a lot. I think that's what is
      > > happening. Whether they get going again remains to be seen...
      > But doesn't this leave kde users with a bad choice?
      > All Qt/KDE related vim options seam to have vanished.

      The KDE GUI version that uses the Qt library was removed, yes.

      > How bad was the KDE/Qt support in vim7?

      Depending on the environment Vim would hang on startup, not show
      any text and have resizing problems.

      > Is it fixable?

      Of course it's fixable. The GTK version works just fine under KDE. But
      if nobody does the work and there is no hope for someone doing it then I
      give up.

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