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41034RFE: Select-mode mappings

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  • A. J. Mechelynck
    Nov 9, 2005
      Request for enhancement: Select-mode mappings distinct from Visual- and
      Insert-mode mappings, including the possibility to use (e.g.) sunmap to
      make individual vmaps apply to "genuine" Visual mode only and _not_ to
      Select mode.

      Rationale: The matchit plugin defines a number of mappings, among them
      some visual-mode mappings like a% and g%. Because of these, if I type
      the letter a in Select-mode, the selection won't be replaced until
      either (a) 'timeoutlen' elapses, or (b) I type the next character and it
      is found not to be a percent sign. I would prefer that "object
      movements" like a% should apply in Visual mode but not in Select mode,
      and that any printable characters (including a%) should replace the
      selection in Select mode. If select-mode mappings existed, I could write
      a ~/vimfiles/after/plugin/matchit.vim with the lines

      if exists(":sunmap") == 2
      sunmap a%
      sunmap g%

      (assuming that, for downwards compatibility, "vmap" would still mean
      "mapping for Visual and Select mode").

      Best regards,