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40522Re: Vim7: Listing the script where a map was defined

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  • Charles E. Campbell, Jr.
    Sep 1, 2005
      On 8/31/05, Zdenek SEKERA <Zdenek.Sekera@...> wrote:
      >1. when I do e.g. ':verbose function', I get a very long listing of
      > quite long lines that wrap around. e.g.: (just a short example):
      > Clearly, it outputs the function itself as well. Maybe that's
      > what's wanted but I don't like it...

      Yegappan Lakshmanan wrote:
      >This is an existing behavior (in Vim 6.3 also). My patch didn't change
      >this. When using ":verbose function <name>", the body of the function
      >is also listed. The only change in Vim 7.0 is to display the script
      >where the function was defined...
      >If this line is displayed at the end of the function, then you may have to
      >scroll several screens (for large functions) to get to this information.

      Well, the behavior for function certainly is "verbose". I'd've
      preferred a "wherefrom"
      command instead of the "verbose" overloading, myself. The meaning of
      the word
      "verbose" doesn't exactly seem to resemble the behavior we're getting.

      Chip Campbell
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