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40298Re: new command modifiers

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Aug 2, 2005
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      Marian Csontos wrote:

      > I was looking around a bit if is possible to show :find matches in list
      > and select from it - as with :tselect - or in quickfix window. And it is
      > not.
      > What about adding ``modifiers'' (something like :vertical, :topleft,
      > :silent) for tasks in which list could be returned?
      > :select for showing list and allow user to select from it,
      > :ccmd or :qf or :anything for showing quickfix window.
      > And
      > :scmd which splits if there is some result from command
      > :aadd to add results to agrlist

      Something like this is near the top of the todo list. But how it would
      work is still unclear.

      One important issue is whether you want to list files first and then
      decide what to do with it, or the other way around. For example:

      :select write `find . -name "foo*"`

      Here you first decide to write the file, then select the file name from
      a list. This is a bit like ":browse".

      Another method would be to open a window with matches:

      :select `find . -name "foo*"`

      Then in the window you can select the action what to do. A bit like the
      file explorer (now netrw plugin).

      The first is more a short-term thing, after selecting the name the list
      is gone. With the second you could do more commands and close the list
      when you're done.

      Instead of files you could list other matches, e.g., tags or class
      names. But then you need something else to specify where to jump to.

      Perhaps we need both?

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