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40267Re: Vim php interface.

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  • Ligesh
    Aug 1, 2005

      I would like to know if anyone has seen and/or interested in the vimphp interface effort by shin seung woo at sourceforge. the url is: http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpvim/

      I would like to know there are some plans for integrating this into the main vim source tree. I for one would love to have php interface, and I am really dying to write my own web browser with vim. I am currently using emacs-w3m as my web browser. Though the browser is good, but like all standard emacs stuff, it is damn too slow. If there is php interface, I can write a browser, and finally do away with the clumsy emacs altogether.

      I have really come to like php-5 (php4 cannot be called as a language, but php5 is a different matter altogether), and I think php interface would be really cool.

      Thanks in advance.

      :: Ligesh :: http://ligesh.com
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