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39696Re: New Syntax Highlighting File

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  • A. J. Mechelynck
    May 3, 2005
      steVe wrote:
      > Hi, please forgive my intrusion to the list. I recently rewrote the
      > Mathematica syntax file included in vim 6.1 (and in 7 when I checked
      > CVS - last modified date in 2001). I tried contacting the original
      > maintainer, but the mail bounced.
      > Anyhow, I find the new version much more useful then the original, and
      > would like to see it included in the vim distribution. If you are
      > interested, I can send a copy to the list.
      > Thanks a bunch,

      Rather than send a copy to the list, if I were you I would either send a
      copy to Bram bram@... for inclusion in the next snapshot, or
      post it as a new "script" at vim-online http://vim.sourceforge.net/

      Best regards,
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