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39533Re: Debugging in MSVS (was: Weird bug in GTK2 version of gvim 7)

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 8, 2005
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      Ankur Kotwal wrote:

      > I was able to successfully import the makefile into visual studio. I
      > hadn't thought to convert the format from unix to dos. I had hoped
      > that Visual Studio would be smart enough to cope with it. Obviously
      > not.

      Visual Studio is only smart in some areas...

      > > It's very disappointing the MS doesn't have a documented and backwards
      > > compatible project description file. Clearly a vendor lock-in.
      > Well it seems that because I was able to import the makefile
      > successfully, MS is quite backwards compatible. Quite impressive given
      > that the file format was for MSVC 4 which is almost 10 years old (and
      > that the format has gone through many revisions over the various
      > versions).

      Yeah, but the only way to make such a file is by hand-editing it. You
      can only generate it with MSVC 4, which almost nobody has (you can't buy
      it, you need to get an illegal copy).

      > Anyways, thanks for your help Bram. Now that I have a debuggable
      > environment, is there a repository of bugs that I can sink my teeth
      > into? I figure thats the best way to get involved in vim development
      > at least till I learn my way around the code.

      ":help todo". You might want to get a Vim 7 snapshot, because some
      things were fixed in Vim 7 but too risky to include in Vim 6.3.

      From "know your smileys":
      <>:-) Bishop

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