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39532Re: Debugging in MSVS (was: Weird bug in GTK2 version of gvim 7)

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  • Ankur Kotwal
    Apr 7, 2005
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      I was able to successfully import the makefile into visual studio. I
      hadn't thought to convert the format from unix to dos. I had hoped
      that Visual Studio would be smart enough to cope with it. Obviously

      > These files are very system-specific. They are in some strange format,
      > thus I don't even know what I would be sending out.

      Actually the format isn't really all that bad. It's actually fairly
      easy to edit by hand once you know your way around it. The .dsp file
      is all thats required.

      > It's very disappointing the MS doesn't have a documented and backwards
      > compatible project description file. Clearly a vendor lock-in.

      Well it seems that because I was able to import the makefile
      successfully, MS is quite backwards compatible. Quite impressive given
      that the file format was for MSVC 4 which is almost 10 years old (and
      that the format has gone through many revisions over the various

      Anyways, thanks for your help Bram. Now that I have a debuggable
      environment, is there a repository of bugs that I can sink my teeth
      into? I figure thats the best way to get involved in vim development
      at least till I learn my way around the code.

      Kind Regards,
      Ankur Kotwal
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