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39528Re: Weird bug in GTK2 version of gvim 7

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  • Norbert Tretkowski
    Apr 7, 2005
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      * Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
      > Bram Moolenaar wrote: [Wed Apr 06 2005, 01:08:08PM EDT]
      > > It's something with resizing the Vim window while starting up, the
      > > GTK code for this is very complicated.
      > On this topic, starting gvim in the ion window manager reveals
      > window sizing issues with gtk2. I'm guessing race condition since it
      > doesn't always happen, in particular if the system is bogged down
      > then it works correctly.

      I've also seen this with current gvim 6.3 and ion3, so that's not only
      gvim 7 related.

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