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39522Re: Debugging in MSVS (was: Weird bug in GTK2 version of gvim 7)

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  • Ankur Kotwal
    Apr 7, 2005

      > > I usually perform a build using "nmake -f Make_mvc.mak GUI=yes OLE=yes".
      > Import Make_ivc.mak as a workspace into Visual Studio.

      I'm using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and unfortunately, I am unable to
      open the file as either a project or a solution. As soon as I try to
      open the file, VS asks me if I want to convert the project. I of
      course say yes but as soon as I do, I'm left facing a message box that
      says "Cannot load the project due to a corrupt project file."

      I assume that you are using an older version of Visual Studio. Are you
      able to send me your .dsp and .dsw file? I can then import and upgrade
      those files into VS .NET 2003. Thanks.

      Kind Regards,
      Ankur Kotwal
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