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39501RE: Missprint in help

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  • Collins, Kevin (MindWorks) [Contractor]
    Apr 5, 2005

      I wasn't intending to offend you - hopefully you did not tak it
      that way. I just found it very ironic. :)


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      Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 12:46 AM
      To: Wind
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      Subject: Re: Missprint in help

      Wind wrote:
      > Hello Kevin,
      > Thanks for correction. I'm not very accurate while wrting, even
      > in my native language. But while reading I stumble over misprints
      > (Wish it be vice-versa). Sorry for mistakes in my letter(s).

      If you notice errors more when reading than when writing, then you
      should attentively reread what you have written. Not only for typos, but

      also for phrasing and for things that you forgot to say -- or that you
      needn't have said.

      Me too, sometimes a letter "remains in my finger" when I type, or two of

      them appear reversed etc. I catch most of those errors on rereading.

      Best regards,
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