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39150RE: Vim 6.3 bug: incorrect handling of utf-8 in files

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  • vassily ragosin
    Feb 28, 2005
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      Hello, Bram,

      > > Should I send you the offending file?
      > That could be helpful in finding out what the actual problem
      > is. But first of all I need to know your setup, such as
      > $LANG, 'encoding', 'termencoding' and 'helplang'.
      > Note that the translated help was setup to be used in an
      > utf-8 environment. That is the ultimate solution for all
      > these encoding problems. But we can try to support a few
      > other environments.

      well, I did send it some time ago, but haven't received any reply. Can you
      see if we can work around utf8 -> 8bit conversion? For the time being it
      blocks next release of Russian documentation, as some files will be unusable
      in non-Unicode environments.

      resourcefully yours,

      pgp key id 0x92B4A97C
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